Facts & figures

Fair facts

Date 19 - 21 September 2024
Venue Shanghai New International Expo Centre, China
Exhibition Space 40,000 sqm (2023)
Opening times Day 1  9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Day 2  9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Day 3  9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Figures of 2023 fair

No. of visit                  15,542 (52 countries and regions)

No. of exhibitors        467 (13 countries and regions)

Top 10 visiting countries / regions:  China, Korea, Taiwan China, Japan, Russia, India, Hong Kong China, Vietnam, Germany, Malaysia, USA

Product groups

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International institutions; National research institutes; Universities and polytechnics; Industrial research centres; Planning and consulting companies; Services


Production processes; Finishing technology; Coating technology; Laminating and coating technology; Bonding and separating technology; CMT (Cutting, Making,Trimming); Control and monitoring methods; Purification and regeneration technology; CAD/CAM, Software; Recycling technology; Technical accessories; Laboratory and measuring technology; Quality assurance; Nanotechnology; Microsystems technology; Textile Care; Disposal technology

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Man-made fibres and yarns; Glass fibres, yarns and rovings; Metal yarns; Natural fibres; Other fibres and yarns; Monofilaments


Woven fabrics; Laid webs; Braidings; Knitted fabrics; Tapes, strings, cords; Belts, ropes, cordage; Nets; Textile bonding systems; Membranes; Multi-Layered Composites; Smart Textiles (used with or in electronics and sensors); Textiles made of recycled materials


Coated textiles; Laminated textiles; Tent fabrics; Packaging materials, sacking; Tarpaulin fabrics; Awning material; End-product manufacturing; Accessories; Imitation leather

Reinforcing textiles; Composite textiles; Prepregs; Structural components and mouldings; Fibre-reinforced materials; Membrane systems; Films and sheeting; Textile-reinforced plastic for concrete; Textile sheet products for lamination with solids

Finishing processes; Adhesive, sealing and moulding materials; Laminating and coating materials; Raw materials and additives; Application processing; Material pre-treatment; Plastics and other hardening masses; Adhesive mixing and application equipment, robot technology; Surface treatment technologies; Plasma treatment; Flocking


New materials; New finishing; Membranes; Wearable Smart Textiles (with electronics and/or sensors); Wearable Smart Textiles (without electronics and/or sensors); Materials with additional functions; Textiles for future apparel; Textiles with medical / cosmetic qualities (wearable skincare, cosmetotextiles); Textiles for professional + protective clothing; Textiles for sport + active wear

Laminating technologies; Coating; Printing; Finishing; Functionalisation

Nanotechnology; Microsystems technology; Wearable electronics; Optical Technologies; Information- / Communication technology; Testing technology and -process

Apparel Concepts; Design; Processing and Ready-To-Wear; Prototypes; Interdisciplinary cooperation; New strategies for marketing

Visitor profile

  • Import / export corporation
  • Wholesaler / distributor
  • Academic / research & development
  • End user / procurement


Application areas

The variety of products and services offered by Techtextil exhibitors is expressed by twelve areas of application.
As an useful orientation aid pictographs at the stands show visitors for what areas of application the displayed products can be used.

Techtextil application areas:

The following applies to all twelve icons of the application areas and corresponding terms: © Techtextil, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.


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