Themes & events

A series of fringe programme with numerous highlights such as special exhibitions, interactive workshops and knowledgeable seminars add extra value for your presence.

Innovation showcase area


The most profound achievements in six application areas were showcased and obtained strong recognition from both exhibitors and visitors:

  • Transportation
  • Medical and hygiene
  • Safety and protection
  • Geotechnical and construction
  • Structural and reinforcement
  • Filtration and separation

The China International Nonwovens Conference


World leading nonwovens associations form China, Indonesia, the US and Europe, Chinese regional and downstream industry associations and councils, renowned industry media, leading suppliers, research institutes and industry cluster government representatives reveals global industry trends, market potential, industry standards and policies in both disposable and durable nonwovens.

Seminar & product presentations


Seminars and panel discussions on innovative products, the latest technologies, specific solution and market trends were delivered onsite, led by industry leaders.